"Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances." These words, spoken by Sanford Meisner, succinctly describe the basis for training at Acting in the Moment. Meisner work deepens the focus on what is going on in the present and uses exercises to get students out of their heads and responding from a truthful, instinctive, and impulse driven place, moment to moment. Acting in the Moment builds a foundation of skills for the actor and non-actor that translates both on and off stage.

-Matt Unger

Acting in the moment

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One on one Sessions

"I've known Matt for close to a decade and I've not only enjoyed working with him, I've hired, referred, and turned to him for his talents as an actor and artist on multi​ple film and theatre projects.  His philosophy as a teacher is present in every moment I have seen him live out as a performer.  I am proud to have worked with him and recommend him highly." 
- Raymond McAnally- Actor and Writer, Co-Founder and Content Creator of Daily Fiber Films
Among the 40 drama teachers that Dramatic English hire to Hong Kong every year over the last 10 years, Matt was one of the most outstanding ones who has the patience for slow learners and tried creative ways to help them. He also demonstrated the ability to help bright students to unleash their talents to achieve more. I appreciated having him with DE for 2 years." 
- Luke Yick - CEO, Dramatic English
​"As someone who has had the pleasure of performing and teaching with Matt Unger, I can attest that any aspiring actor would find working with him an enriching experience. Matt’s depth of knowledge, impressive array of professional experience, as well as his kind, confident, and generous spirit make him an excellent resource for anyone interested in pursuing the field of acting." 
- Sarah Pearson - Professional Colleague 
"As a former talent manager I would often go to acting schools and workshops. I met Mr. Unger through Ron Millkie's acting class. I was immediately impressed with Matt. Not only did he give an outstanding performance, his passion for the craft was intense. I was privileged to represent Mr. Unger for a couple of years and enjoyed his performances on stage and screen. I know Matt will bring his love for acting and passion for sharing the craft with any student lucky to be under his guidance."
 -Paul Donelan- Director of Promotions, InterFACE Talent
"I’ve had the honor and privilege of working /collaborating with Matt on various projects over the years. He is an excellent actor, scene partner and friend. He puts 110% into every endeavor he pursues. Like Matt, I’ve been in the business since childhood and I can assure that any student would be lucky to have him as a mentor."
- Teddy Cololuca - Professional Colleague